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Safe Sex Basics
General guidelines:

Viruses and bacteria cannot swinger tale movie pass through latex.

Use condoms every time you have either vaginal or anal intercourse. You may want to use unlubricated (or try flavored) swingers tale gallery ones for oral sex as well.

Put condoms on sex toys used by more than one person for any type of penetration or on toys that go from anus swinger site to vagina.

Use dental dams or a cut-open condom or glove as a barrier during oral/vaginal or oral/anal sex. Use only water-based swingers web site lubricants with latex (including condoms, gloves, dams, cots and diaphragms). Never use oil or petroleum-based products with latex.

Never reuse latex. Risk free swinger site Management:

Since the onset of AIDS, “risk reduction guidelines” were established to help people understand which activities presented a adult swinger site greater risk of transmitting those bodily fluids that contain HIV.
The guidelines also help gauge the risk of transmitting STDs other than HIV, as most STDs are passed along through vaginal, oral or anal sex. Behaviors in the unsafe category generally involve semenor blood coming into parties info site swinger direct contact with mucous membranes in the rectum, vagina or mouth. Activities in the possibly unsafe category are less likely to transmit viruses. Activities in the possibly safe category either involve contact with low risk fluids, such as saliva and urine, or will not transmit the virus unless your latex barrier swinger sex site breaks. The safe category reflects activities that involve no exchange of bodily fluids and are completely safe. Ultimately, it’s up to you to assess your individual risk factors and to choose activities to suit your needs.
Safe massage hugging mutual free swinger web site masturbation (touching your own genitals)

dry kissing
tribadism, dry humping, frottage free swing dating site

voyeurism, exhibitionism phone/computer sex swinger personal web site

sex toys (provided condoms as used if toys are shared)
bathing together Possibly Safe personal site swingers

French kissing
anal intercourse with condom swinger dating site

vaginal intercourse with condom
fisting with glove cunnilingus free adult swinger site with latex barrier

fellatio with condom
rimming/analingus with latex barrier adult swingers web site

finger fucking vaginally or anally with latex glove or cot
watersports (urine on unbroken amateur swingers site skin)

Possibly Unsafe

cunnilingus without a barrier

finger fucking without a barrier

fellatio without a condom

sharing sex toys without cleaning or changing condoms in between uses

fisting without a glove

rimming/analingus without a latex barrier


anal intercourse without condom

vaginal intercourse without condom

blood contact

unprotected cunnilingus during menstruation

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