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How to be Incredible in Bed

Fantastic foreplay, tempting tongue work, new positions and deeper orgasms – kick-start your sex life so that it’s personals uk swingers not just good, but great The secret of incredible sex is to start again from scratch. If your sex life is stuck in a rut, break your sexual fatigue by throwing out all your preconceptions, banishing bad bedroom habits and learning how to make love again. Talk about it, play with it, and experiment with sex to mature swingers find out what you now like, as opposed to what made you tick when you first got together. And keep the passion alive by adding in new excitements and sexual surprises that may seem a bit wild but will get your juices flowing.
Find fulfilling foreplay First mature swingers amateur pussy pic try this Tantric sex tip for getting physically and emotionally in synchrony. Sit opposite each other, very close, as if you were about to kiss. As one of you breathes out, the other breathes in, so you inhale each other’s breath.
Then swap dirty dreams. mature sex swinger Ask him to say out loud a sentence of his sexual fantasy and then you say the next sentence. Move the story on one sentence at a time – and as you get to the physical bits, act out what you’re describing.
Now take it in mature swinger wife turns to blindfold each other for, perhaps, fifteen minutes. During that time, the one who isn’t blindfolded surprises the other, perhaps by feeding them, touching them, licking them. No nasty shocks though – make it all gentle and loving.
Cuddled up close, then free mature swingers masturbate in front of each other. This’ll not only be a turn on – it’ll also teach both of you about what you really like. If you feel shy, do it in the dark, with your hand over his as he plays, or his over yours as you do. This way reduces potential embarrassment, but you still learn about each other. Tempt with mature amateur swingers tongue work

Start with a tongue bath, licking each other all over, before you get down and dirty. This will letyou rediscover each other’s mature party swinger erogenous zones – they may be different than you think. (But keep a glass of water handy, as your mouth can get very dry with this one.)

Give each other ‘guided’ mature swinger orgy oral sex, with one of you saying what you want, minute-by-minute, while the other obliges. If you can’t find the words, let the ‘doer’ experiment, while the ‘being done to’ murmurs numbers from one to ten to show just how good it is – the aim for the doer is to keep the numbers as high as possible. Experiment with different mature swingers story flavours, temperatures and textures. Cold water, warm coffee, ice cream, your favourite tipple. But beware of getting too extreme; the guideline is that if it’s even slightly uncomfortable in your mouth, it’ll be painful on your partner’s genitals.
For added thrills, mix mature swinger pic oral and anal. While you’re licking each other, slide a clean finger slowly up behind. Check with your partner first; this is not something to do unexpectedly.
Play with sex positions
Teach him what you mature swingers uk like. Work out your own three favourite positions, then tell him that tonight you’re in charge. Guide him from one position to the other, planning your moves ahead of time – he can then lie back and enjoy himself!
Ring the changes Choose mature swinger couple your favourite position, start that way, then see where you can go with it. What happens if you reverse roles so that you rather than he are on top? What happens if you try that position standing, sitting or lying? Experiment and learn!
Start counting Add a free mature swinger pic whole new dimension by asking your man not simply to thrust away, but to alternate slow and fast, deep and shallow. So try these patterns: five shallow thrusts followed by one medium thrust, five medium followed by one deep – nine shallow followed by one deep.
Widen your repertoire Eastern free mature swinger photo eroticism has some lovely suggestions that aren’t usually included in most Western sex manuals; Anne Hooper’s Pocket Kama Sutra (Dorling Kindersley, 7.99) is a good place to start, and the book is small enough to keep under your pillow.
Optimise your orgasms Mix mature swingers video and match. Most women don’t come through intercourse alone, so during lovemaking, get him – or you – to touch your clitoris too. Try out different rates and rhythms to find out what really works for you.

If you find orgasm tricky, you’re not alone. So read Satisfaction by Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson for great tips on how to learn the skill – and get your man to learn it too.

Go for more than one. Many women find that the second orgasm is easier than the first. So bring yourself off for your initial climax, then lie back and relax while he does some work.
Hang back

Get him to push you to the ‘plateau’ phase where you are almost ready to come and then stop. Two or three such waits will make the climax, when it comes, almost unbearably good.
Make it great for your man

Discover his buttons. Ask him what one unexpected spot drives him wild – his nipples, the small of his back, behind his ears – and then attack that mercilessly!
Give him a quickie.

While most men like long slow lovemaking, the sheer excitement (and the fact of not having to hold back) makes a quickie a lovely treat. So dress for ease of entry, choose a time and place that makes for fast sex and jump on him.
Find his frenulum

Frenulum is that little bit of skin just below the head of the penis, on the ‘seam side’. This is his most sensitive part, so give it lots of attention…pressing with your fingers during a hand job, flicking it when you give a tongue job.
Make him wait.

Like you, he can be driven wild by a little suspense. So when you’re using your hands or mouth, get him really going, and then pause between strokes for just a few heartbeats – he’ll end up begging for it.

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