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The Day After

You are awake, but you haven’t opened your eyes yet. You don’t remember much about last night, but you feel hung over. yahoo swinger chat You reach over for a cigarette and barely open your eyes long enough to see where they are. You take a long deep puff and your eyes begin to open. All you know is that you feel like total shit. You take a few puffs off of your cigarette and put it in the ashtray. You lay in bed trying to remember what the hell swinger club chat happened last night. You vaguely remember going out with the buddies and doing ten shots of whiskey and pouring beers down your throat all night long.

Your brain starts to adult swinger chat room recognize that you are awake and need to start the day. You take a few more puffs off of your cigarette and you realize there is something moving next to you. Holy shit! There is a nude stranger next to you with your blankets wrapped around her. She is starting to wake up after she smells the scent of your cigarette free adult swingers chat smoke.

What do to? You don’t want to act like you don’t remember having sex with her, even though you don’t. You don’t know uk swingers chat this woman from a box of rocks. Don’t panic, keep your cool.

She might not remember anything from last night. Be gentle with her and talk in a soft voice, she might be hung over chat in michigan swinger too. Run your fingers through her hair and act happy. If she sees that you are happy, she might think you enjoyed the sex.

After she is awake swingers chat michigan try to make small talk. Ask her what she would like for breakfast and that sort of thing. Tell her how beautiful her eyes look in the morning. Tell her they are full of life and they sparkle like the stars at night.

If she brings up florida swinger chat the sex from last night, tell her that it was good. Don’t go telling her a wild story that isn’t true, because she might remember what happened. Tell her that you can’t believe how beautiful she was and how much you enjoyed her company.

This can be an swinger vacation important time. If she already put out, she might put out again. If you aren’t too hung over, test out the waters and see if she would like to have sex again. Run your fingers through her hair and tell her she has a nice smile. You can also try giving her a massage. If she starts to get relaxed try brushing your hand swinger resort vacation against her breasts. Then go in a little more and try touching her breasts. If she acts uncomfortable, stop doing it.

If on the other caribbean swinger vacation hand, she seems open to the idea of you touching her breasts, continue. Start up with foreplay like you normally would. Hey, what do you have to loose? You might be able to double your pleasure.

During this time you single swinger vacation can hint around to asking her what her name is. Tell her that it slips your tongue while you lick her nipples. Try to make it funny if you can. Humor is a great way to break the ice.

You have to look swinger adult vacation at this like it is a strange first date. You don’t know anything that happened last night other than you probably got lucky. Don’t pretend to act like you know her life story when you don’t. Act a little dopey if you think you can get away with it.

After you do a swinger vacation mexico little foreplay pull away your blankets and let her get a good glimpse of your penis. Watch how she reacts. If she seems to be interested, there is your green light. All you need to do is allow things to happen.

I would also during interracial swingers this point allow her to touch you. Do this to make sure that she really does want to have sex with you. The last thing you want to do is end up raping a woman. She might feel scared because she is having a stranger do something to her. Always play on the safe side.

If you can’t get interracial swinger wife any sex, then I would try to make the transition from getting out of bed to her leaving as smooth as possible. Ask her if she wants anything to eat or a cup of coffee. Don’t rush her out of the house, this will take away any chance you have of getting laid by her again a second time. Most of the time though, there won’t be a second time. But, you always need to be playing one step ahead.

Tell her that you will leave the room while she gets dressed if she feels uncomfortable. This will help speed things up if she does. Tell her that she can take a shower or freshen up if she would like.

Don’t pretend that now you are a married couple. Don’t ask her to make you breakfast and break wind in bed and laugh. Chances are she was either really drunk last night too, or she was really horny.

This can be a uneasy situation. If you find yourself in this type of situation keep these things in mind. It will help you make it more easy.

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